Neural Solutions

Neural Solutions specialises in the application of Artificial Intelligence to Electronic Commerce.

Neural Solutions is a UK consultancy specialising in research, development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Commerce solutions, with a particular emphasis on Dynamic Pricing and the building of information-searching robots that trawl the Internet.

Our client list extends from small organisations to large national and international companies.

Typical projects make use of one or more of the following techniques: neural networks, linear analysis, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, genetic optimisation, pattern recognition, data fusion, data mining, web bots, autonomous agents. Web based solutions deploy these solutions alongside content management based software (cms) consisting of a scripting language and a database system. Either a general purpose cms is used (such as eZ publish or Drupal) or a bespoke solution is produced using typically css, php and mySql.

Neural Solutions has won several UK Government Department of Trade and Industry awards for its research and development.